5 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before You Hire

When it comes to any professional service, not all providers will give you the results you want. In this guide, we will discuss the important aspects of a great builWhen it comes to renovating or making updates to your home, nothing is more challenging than finding a reliable builder with experience. A reputable builder will help relieve that frustration and turn your second-thoughts into dream home results.

If this is your first time to hire a builder, we’re here to help you ask the right questions to help identify the right builder to hire.

Here are 5 questions to ask your builder before you hire.

Question #1: Are you licensed?

As the first important question to ask, ensure that you are hiring a licensed builder. While this might seem obvious, many people try to opt for the cheapest deal to save money.

Question #2: Do you have insurance?

Ensure that your builder has home coverage before you hire them. This will cover any financial loss in the case of damage or conflict.

Question #3: Who will supervise the construction?

This question alone will help you decide whether to hire the builder or not. The construction supervisor is a must-have onsite as they will ensure that the work is performed at the highest of quality. Be sure to look into their track record and past reviews.

Question #4: Can I see your previous projects?

As a no-brainer, you must be able to check their work to get a better view of their results. This will help you determine if the builder will be able to complete the type of job you want. Check out the quality of the project along with the products used.

Question #5: Can I talk to your previous clients?

Any reputable builder will happily give you good references as previous clients. This will help you gain new feedback about their experience and results of the project. You might be surprised at just what you might find out.


Above all, it is important to remember that building a new space in your home requires both financial and emotional investment. Make sure that you are ready to take the time to check on your builder, their references, workmanship, and credentials.