Our New Electrical Contracting Service

Electricity will always remain among the greatest discoveries ever done by man. It has completely changed and enhanced the quality of our lives. We depend on electricity for air conditioning, refrigeration, water heating, and lighting among other many uses. Electrical systems often implemented in our homes and in commercial areas are often technical in nature. That is from the design of the system, setting up and of course, maintenances. Consequently, solving the electrical issues and problems in our everyday lives needs someone or a company with the technical know-how.

If you happen to employ someone or a company without the prerequisite knowledge for your electrical service, the risks become higher and they can be calamitous. You can lose your property and even regrettably, lose your life. To avoid all of that, this is where we come in with our new service as Electricians .We remain as the number one company for your electrical Service needs.

We provide virtually all types of electrical contracting services. Some of the electrical services include; installations, testing of electricity, repairs and maintenance, testing of appliances, CCTV systems, installation of alarm systems for intruders and fire and smoke, outdoor lighting, residential and commercial rewiring and areas for electric charging of cars.

There are various reasons why you need to choose our electrical contracting services. These reasons include;

I. We are extremely experienced

Often the best way to determine how a professional someone or a company is is through the numbers of years spent in service. We have been in the electrical service for more than 50 years. Because of these many years of experience, we are able and better equipped to solve any problems or challenges presented by any facet of electrical service. The problems can be associated with both the new and old technologies.

We have handled our services in various areas including in hospitals, hotels and even in homes.Additionally, we have the most motivated and qualified staff around to dispense our services to you. The professionals are specialized in different areas including project managers, estimators and supervising electricians. The professionals are sourced through a competitive process.

II. Exceptional customer experience

Enquiries on any of our services can be done through our fantastic and welcoming customer service. From our website, there is a phone contact number through which our offices can be reached through. The customer care is able to listen keenly and professionally to your needs and direct or advise you accordingly.

III. Affordable

Compared with most other available companies offering Electrical Contracting services, our services are relatively cheaper. One thing though, cheaper does not always have to mean quality. We are the only exception. Not only are we affordable but also you are able to get value for your money invested in us.

IV. Licensed and insured

Our company is fully accredited with the responsible authority and we are also insured. This virtue by itself goes to show the level of professionalism we are legendary for. Having been insured is important for you because you will be protected against any risks and damages that may occur during our work on your property.

Additionally, having been licensed, we adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations that exist in order to protect both our work and your work.

V. Referrals and recommendations

Because of our many hugely successful years as a building contractor, we have been able to work for a number of people and organisations. As a result, we have quite a number of satisfied customers who continue to recommend our services to other potential customers. In fact, partly our growths through the years have been fueled by referrals from customers. We believe that the best way to maintain a healthy customer relationship is through timely delivery of their needs and at affordable terms.

In conclusion, having seen the several reasons enumerated above which services we offer, we are extremely confident that we will remain the number one choice for our customers. Of course, we cannot do it without you.

We are now hiring for apprentice Electricians!

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5 Ways You Can Build Your Home to Become Energy Efficient

BWhen it comes to building a new home, one of the biggest benefits is that you can style it according to your desired features. With that comes the trend of being energy efficient.

Building an energy sufficient home will allow you to enjoy a variety of benefits. Not only will you be able to save on energy costs you can also make your home comfortable during all seasons.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating the ceiling helps minimize the amount of heat that enters your home. There are a variety of insulation options to choose from as the popular choices include using loose fill, wool, glass fiber batts, and reflective foil. The glass fiber batts are eco-friendly as they are made from eighty-percent recycled material. You can also reduce the heat add-on by installing a bird on the rooftop.

Construct Cross Ventilation

The best way to ensure sufficient airflow is to open windows and doors on opposite sides to encourage the flow. High ceilings and wide entry halls will provide more space and room to circulate the air.

Add more Fans

It is always a great idea to install fans to common areas. Not only are they cheaper to stay cool with, they also help save energy.

Instead Energy Efficient Features

When choosing your appliances, go for products with a high WELS rating. A three-star rated shower nozzle only uses around 6 liters of water while regular shower heads can use as much as 25 liters a minute.

Minimize Sun Exposure

While any homeowner wants to have a bright room, the best way to reduce heat from entering the room is to install an exterior shade structure or extended eaves. This will help block out the sun and heating the rooms.

What other options are you planning to make your home energy efficient? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!